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Air Force JAG Corps - Account Request
Please submit your online application for entry into the U.S. Air Force Judge Advocate General's Corps by completing the steps below:
1. Create an online account - Click on Request Account link above. Do not use a .edu email address.
2. You must have an email address to request an account. Once you successfully request an account, you will receive an email with further instructions (usually within 24 hours).
3. Once logged in using your account enter data into the various application selections. You may log out and return later to enter or update any section prior to submitting your application. Review your entries to ensure accuracy.
4. Upload all required documents.
5. Submit your online application. Once you have submitted your application, you will not be allowed to update your application.
If selected for entry into the Air Force JAG Corps, you must submit an official application. This application will require you to sign official documents regarding your entry into the Air Force JAG Corps. Additionally, you will have to be cleared medically for entry into the Air Force JAG Corps.
The following items will need to be uploaded as part of the online application. All items can have a maximum size of 3MB and be in PDF format except the photo which can have a maximum size of 1MB and be in jpeg format.
  • Motivational Statement (limited to 1 page, double-spaced)
  • Resume
  • Full-length [Head to Toe] photograph facing forward (Maximum File Size: 1 MB and jpeg format) in courtroom attire. If applying for Ed-Delay or FLEP/ELP, you must be in uniform (service dress) in the full length photograph
  • Law School Acceptance Letters (if applying for Ed-Delay In)
  • List of Applications to Law Schools (if applying for FLEP/ELP)
  • Law School Transcripts
  • Undergraduate Transcript
  • LSAT Percentile (LSAT Report Score Sheet)
  • Bar Certificate or Letter of Good Standing (if licensed)
  • DD Form 214 (if prior military)
  • Officer Performance Reports or Enlisted Performance Reports (if applicable)
  • Officer SURF and Training Reports (if applying for FLEP/ELP)
  • Release Letter from AFPC Functional Manager (if applying for FLEP/ELP)
  • FLEP/ELP Agreement (if applying for FLEP/ELP)
  • AF ROTC Field Training Report (if applicable)
  • Writing Sample (Optional - 10 pages or less)
  • Letter(s) of Recommendation (Optional - up to 5)
    Recommendation letters should be written by someone who can attest to his or her observations of your work ethic, duty performance, leadership potential, etc.
    Address all letters to "Selection Board Members" at the address below. DO NOT mail recommendation letters directly to the selection board.
    The address below is provided only for inclusion in letters of recommendation.
    1500 W. Perimeter Rd., Ste. 3330
    Joint Base Andrews MD 20762